Our proven approach

The Geostruct method

Plan, Design, Build and Manage fibre networks

Geostruct’s method is based on tried and tested approaches which have been used to successfully realise millions of connections.

By realising and enhancing seamless integration between process steps, information sources and disciplines, we help you realise the results you need, on time, within budget.

What parts of the roll-out process are supported?

From network prioritisation to delivering as-built data – and all steps in between

In preparation for your network:

Development and management of networks:

Fully integrated package​

What you get

Optimisation at every step

Plan, Design, Build and Manage fibre networks

From its very inception, IMS (Infra Management Suite) was built so that our customers can innovate and expand quickly, decrease cost and obtain as much control over their networks and their growth as possible. These objectives are fully embedded into the solution and form a cornerstone of our offering. IMS supports all aspects of network deployment within a single database.


Optimize FttH networks

Plan and optimise networks and meet current and future cost-effectively requirements with Geostruct IMS.

Every decision made at the start of an FttH project has far-reaching consequences. Choosing the right deployment method and topology will have a positive, long-term effect on network CAPEX, OPEX and reliability. That’s where Geostruct Infrastructure Management Suite comes in. During the planning phase, all factors related to network preparation are taken into account, from the business case itself to making informed technology and topology choices.

First of all, project feasibility is determined. All data pertaining to (civil) route, address, network connectivity and component structure is gathered. Is it a greenfield or brownfield development for an urban, suburban, or rural area, for example? Can the existing infrastructure be used? And does the network have to be made available to third parties?

The business case will be based on current, verified data collected from a wide variety of sources, such as satellite images, maps, surveys and on-site GPS measurements. All relevant presentations and quotations are included, as well as project definition, permits and permissions.

Geostruct IMS will facilitate the following:

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Geostruct enhances every step of the process in different ways, for different stakeholders. How? Discover for yourself!


Design future-proof fiber networks

Geostruct IMS will underscore efficient operation and meet changing-fibre demands throughout a network’s lifetime.

In the Design phase, low-level design takes high-level design to the next stage. Contractors, architects and developers can easily and quickly put data from the Plan phase to work by using our smart clustering algorithms, GPS measurements, detailed connection plans, optimisation routines, automatic validations and quality checks.

Trench and single-/multi-dwelling unit surveys can be directly imported into Geostruct Infrastructure Management Suite, boosting accuracy and saving time. You can minimise costs and workload with powerful, integrated clustering algorithms, automatic node- and distribution-point allocation and cost optimisation for items such as trenching and drilling.

Geostruct IMS will enable you to:

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Geostruct enhances every step of the process in different ways, for different stakeholders. How? Discover for yourself!


Build robust and future-ready fiber networks

Geostruct IMS provides in-depth support for all network construction processes.

Up-to-date geographical and technical data is critical to the successful deployment and operation of a network.

During the Build phase, results from the high-level planning stage are translated into detailed to-build plans. And, of course, the utmost care needs to be taken to ensure that they are executed exactly as intended.

Geostruct Infrastructure Management Suite automatically generates assembly and work instructions, maps and workforce planning that will allow you to roll out quickly, with maximum transparency. What’s more, any design changes can easily be implemented on the fly.

Progress is monitored continuously to ensure the project generates revenue as quickly as possible and at the lowest-possible cost. Importantly, Geostruct Infrastructure Management Suite provides as-built information.

This include exact GPS network positions, component and cable relocation details, documentation and digital files for customers. This is a step that is often overlooked, but it is absolutely essential for maintenance and upgrades.

Geostruct facilitates:

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Geostruct enhances every step of the process in different ways, for different stakeholders. How? Discover for yourself!


Comprehensive network management made easy

Geostruct IMS is your single source of truth for asset management documentation.

Once the network is in operation, you’ll need to ensure that initial planning and building investments keep generating adequate returns. As FttH networks become larger and more complex, well-documented operations, maintenance policies, procedures and processes are vital to ensure that these networks always deliver the best-possible service to all users.

A first step to realising this is to check that all components are built according to plan, through GPS measurements and as-built delivery. Thanks to our solution, all up-to-date information can be exported to your company’s project database. What’s more, you can continuously monitor and enhance network health with asset- and life-cycle management and service and repair reports. 

Geostruct provides additional support in the form of NOC interfacing, customer reporting, and support. You can easily define network capacity with logical network analysis, and use fault tracing to rapidly track and fix pinpointed connection issues.

IMS facilitates network management by providing:

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Geostruct enhances every step of the process in different ways, for different stakeholders. How? Discover for yourself!