Geostruct privacy policy

Version 1.0 – This page was last updated on april 23rd 2023

This privacy policy explains which data we collect from people who make use of our website or services, why we collect this data and how we use it. Personal data will only be processed if it has been given with the owner’s permission and/or if its processing is necessary to draft an agreement.

This privacy policy applies to the use of Geostruct’s website and services. Geostruct respects the privacy of all website users and visitors and ensures that all the personal data they make available is treated confidentially.

How do we define personal information?

The personal information that Geostruct collects through our website is limited to the information that is provided in the contact form: name, email address and (optional) phone number.

If you decide to make use of Geostruct’s services, to enable us to draft an official agreement we need certain information about your organisation. This does not include personal information, only information about your organisation.

Why does Geostruct collect data?

Data you enter in our website may be used for marketing purposes. If you decide to make use of Geostruct’s services, your information might be used to deliver services to you or to draft an official agreement.

You always have the right to:

  • revoke previously granted permission to use your data
  • be granted insight in your information
  • have your information rectified
  • have your information deleted

If you use our software for your organisation, your personal information will be shared with a third party, so that they can set up your account. The information that is required includes your name, email address and company name.

Condimentum arcu cursus

A dynamic group like Cosun continuously invests in innovative production methods, so there are always opportunities to take risk management to a higher level, continues De Bruijn. During several GAAS inspections, for example, it transpired that a recurring point of attention was electrical safety at Cosun’s production locations. And while this was often tackled professionally at local level, a group-wide approach was still lacking.

“Given that consistency is a key ingredient in the controllability of risks, we therefore advised Cosun to hire a specialist to carry out uniform thermographic and visual inspections of the electrical installations in its production facilities worldwide.”

Following a selection process, Cosun teamed up with the Belgian specialist I-care, a company that also serves other international clients of Riskonet.