Dieter Gerritsen – CEO and owner at Geostruct B.V.

Geostruct Vision

At Geostruct, our vision has been the same from the outset: supporting the entire chain from a single data repository.

Every stakeholder works with the same single source of truth and always sees the same information.

There are no version management issues, and everything from application management to access rights are organized in one place, on one platform.

UTRECHT  05/04/2023 DSCF5291 GEOSTRUCT © Marco Hofsté

We’d seen how pulling together multiple data sources and providing one point of entry had proven successful in areas such as finance and construction, so it made sense to apply this approach to network planning and design. The application works with any network configuration, including gas, water, and power, and can model any configuration. All the familiar tools engineers use will work perfectly within the resulting environment.

Our idea has always been that software should optimally work for its intended purpose and be firmly based on network theory, not just on software design engine principles. That makes it more flexible, robust, scalable and future-proof. That flexibility is essential: we didn’t want to introduce a tool that but requires extensive configuration and new code every time you need to add a functionality. If you suddenly decide to base your entire FTTx network on GPON instead of P2P, or use three times as much fiber per duct, or make any other big changes, you can get fully reworked outcomes at the flick of a switch.

When we first developed Geostruct, chain integration existed to a limited extent, and we supported each step. However, by linking every step in the chain and removing barriers we ensure all involved can find improvement options and see how different data is connected and enrich the entire process. Whereas previously, people at every step were more focused on their own part of the process. They lacked insight into data from previous and following steps that didn’t directly affect their work. By changing this, we help realize incremental improvement in value creation.

We decided to focus on the ‘invisible’ components, instead of just developing an attractive front end and catchy marketing campaigns. Geostruct doesn’t limit what engineers can do – you can really dig deep and use extremely advanced functionality, or you can choose to let the software guide you through the entire process step by step. We help engineers become ‘super engineers’ – they can use their knowledge and talent better than ever. And the better they understand the product and the context in which it works, the more they can do with it.

Expertise is scarce, so you need to deploy it as effectively as possible. You need to store and safeguard experienced engineers’ knowledge alongside information about networks. The quality of what you make is determined by the quality of the input. And we believe you need to take human insights fully into account, and not just enter numbers. Automation without ownership doesn’t necessarily bring benefits.

Looking at future developments of the software capabilities, we want people to be able to easily extract more management information from the data in an easy way, so that they can really benefit much more. Next to people, processes and assets, data has become a key factor in business. We want to provide more ways of ensuring data quality remains high. That means more integrations are needed, linking people to data via API’s without exposing the database to vulnerabilities. We’re also very interested in using AI to emulate smart human ways of thinking with algorithms and boosting performance by adding more Cloud integrations.

From a business perspective, we’ve been very successful in The Netherlands, and are growing fast in Germany, while branching out in areas as diverse as the UK, the Czech Republic, Philippines, and Belgium. We plan to continue this geographical expansion.