Geostruct Infra management suite (IMS)

Planning and building fibre networks has never been smoother

Our Infra Management Suite offers one database to support the complete end-to-end network planning process.

Full integration and shorter ROI

Fully integrated end-to-end planning and management means shorter time to ROI, first-time-right builds, accurate ‘as built’ records and vast CAPEX and OPEX savings.

By using and reusing real-time data in the office as well as in the field, our unique tool drastically reduces costs and time to market.

Don’t just take our word for it – discover for yourself why GeoStruct is the de facto standard for European FttH rollouts with over 30 million homes designed and a demonstrable 100% ‘according to plan’ success rate!

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Amazing results for any profession

Find out how Geostruct IMS cuts through complexity

Build networks faster, without changing your processing or hiring more people

Work faster without errors and endless revisions - thanks to the right data​

Get full end-to-end insight and transparency, for perfect process control​

Why work with GeoStruct?

Faster, easier, more flexible, future-ready builds on time, within budget

Everyone in the field and office works from the same database

Greater control, significant risk reduction

Total transparency for all technical and investment partners

End-to-end single partner

Established platform with high user acceptance

Want to know more about Geostruct?

What Geostruct can do for you

Geostruct IMS features

Network planning, design, realisation and management

Unparalleled proven accuracy

Always accurate, up-to-date, single source of truth

Scalable, standardised, open

Compatible with existing tools: no vendor lock-in

Easy to discover and implement best practices

Built-in optimisation routines for routing and costing

Skilled labour is used as efficiently as possible

Accurate as-built data: every step is documented

Find out more from Dieter Gerritsen, CEO and owner of Geostruct

The Geostruct method

Optimise fiber networks for the requirements of today and tomorrow.​

Benefit from outstanding integration between high-level and low-level design.​

Our processes and best practices are based on years of experience realising millions of connections.

Geostruct IMS is your single source of truth for asset management documentation.

Why our customers love Geostruct

KPN Netwerk (Reggefiber)

With Geostruct, one engineer can do the HL design of 20,000 connections in less than eight days, including drawing the trenches

Van Gelder Telecom

The gap between design and as-built has been reduced drastically, thanks to far more realistic engineering up front

VolkerWessels Telecom

Engineers with little FttH or telecom background are up-and-running in no time at all! We can do the detailed design AND as-built processing for 100,000 homes with a team of four engineers in a year

10x your FTTH pipeline, starting today

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